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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Retirement Planning: No One Ever Said it Would be Easy

Retirement Planning: No One Ever Said it Would be Easy

One question that keeps on coming back to me like a faithful boomerang is on retirement and more specifically retirement planning. Everyone always ends up asking me just how much they should save up for their retirement. How do I put this delicately; there is no one number that I can give everyone. It’s just a personal thing. If I know you better, yes, I can give you a number. But allow me to explain why it’s such a point of personal reference. For some people a Volkswagen Golf GTI is their everyday car and a BMW M3 is a car they’d love to keep in the garage. For some though, the BMW M3 might be their everyday car while they’d love to see a Ferrari 458 Italia in the garage. Perspective; it’s a funny thing.

But how do you save up money like the numbers some people tout? Look, I never said retirement planning is easy; I did say it can be done though with some discipline, dedication and diligence. That’s the only 3D you need.

Just how much do you need to save?
Imagine you plan to work from 20 till you’re 60 (for calculation’s sake). What that means is you have to work for 40 years to get through potentially 20 to 30 years of your life. So your nest egg will be used up for almost as long as you will take to build it up. Now, let’s assume some more things. For one, let’s say your income matches the rate of inflation perfectly. Let’s also assume the same for your investments. Let’s also assume that your lifestyle remains unchanged. If that does happen, you will have to save something like 35% of your income each year. And that’s something not many people do.  Most people only save 5-6% per year, so you now see where the problem lies.

Retirement is getting earlier for most
Generations before us saved more and worked for more years than us and yet we want to retire earlier than them despite doing none of these things. We have a very materialistic mind and if you’re banking on your investments getting you to the Promised Land, you could be in serious trouble. Save more, invest better and work longer if you have to. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be a full-time job; even working as a consultant or part-time counts. Once you feel confident about money, you can always stop working and do whatever you want to.

Don’t ask when you can retire. Instead, know what you want to do and start planning towards it, whatever it may be.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Benefits Blog

Benefits Blog

Still related to my previous article about blogging, this time I was a little sharpen my opinion about the benefits of blogs. In addition to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and the like, now blogging is becoming a trend. Almost all users of the Internet world know about blogs. But not all of them can create a blog, let alone have it. Did you know that a blog has many benefits, among others, the blog could make money. Blogs also be a container data free promotion for their owners, as well as our container to pour out our thoughts.

There are so many benefits of blogs, but I will give reviews on the benefits of blogs that I feel. For example I have the English-language blogs about blackberries, golf, cooking and traveling. And the Indonesian language blog.

Although I have a blog in English, I’m not a very clever man who spoke English. how come? The answer may be yes. Initially I struggled to make English-language articles with keywords that are much sought after, but after I learn it online, I can find ways to make unique articles in English. If you want to know more detail please click to learn Internet business starting from zero. There you will be taught all about how to create a blog to generate $ 100 per day.

If you already have a blog, then you have the potential to make money. Remember you know your blog can we have without spending money or free. Now where’s the money? Yes of course from your advertisements or affiliate links you follow. I think almost all users have to know the virtual world. If you do not already know, please create a blog in English, the contents of its content with articles of interest in accordance with the keywords you shoot. Do the ways to optimize your blog for visitors to have a lot of current. In general, SEO tricks can And abaca on How to Improve Blog Visitor. Or you can an online course with internet marketing experts. If your blog has become and the flow of visitors has also been quite a lot, you try to plug affiliate links or adsense ads like Google Adsense, Adbrite and the like. You will be paid if a visitor clicking on random ads that appear on your blog. The amount varies there are 0.01 dollars and even some that 2 dollars each visitor who clicks on the ads. Or you can plug affiliate links that member the opportunity for blog owners to sell their goods like CJ, Amazon and others.

Benefits of other blogs is that you can promote your affiliate link. Suppose you join a MLM or similar. Well you should not confused-confused looking for referrals. Make the review a little about your business and create a link. Or you can plug banner. If visitors to your blog quite a lot, then the potential gain referrals will also be a lot. But try these articles corresponding to the target you aim at.

Benefits blog that of course would you feel is you have a container to pour the contents of your mind that you can for the visitors. Yes you are a kind of online diary.
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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

How To Start Online Business

How To Start Online Business

How To Start Online Business - There are various ways to start a business online. The way this business depends on their respective arts. That is the way business is not necessarily the same person with another person. But although the different ways the application of business, especially how to do business online, it helps us to know the ways or the basic steps in starting a business. Need I say that way of doing business especially an online business requires a mindset that never give up, focus and must Practice, Practice, Practice.
Here is an outline of how to start an online business that you need to practice:
* Define the idea or topic of online business that will be made
* Do your research
* Prepare content
* Buy a domain name
* Rent hosting
* Create a website or blog
* Find affiliate programs that match your business
* Promote your web blog
* Enjoy Hasilannya
* Evaluate
Step One, Define the idea or business topics that will be built. This is important because to start a business course, we must have a business theme for the focus. Try to make some alternative ideas about themes or business, for example there are five themes that we are building is on the phone, golf, cooking, music and baby. Of the five ideas on this theme, you must determine which ones you like best and mastered the material. Suppose we determine the theme of the phone or the phone, then focus first on this theme, do not always think of other themes. Please read the article on How To Determine The theme of Blog for more in depth.
Step Two, Conduct Research on the theme of your choice. Who is the target market, how and how much of its search rivals. There are some software or tools that we can use to do this research, both the paid and free or free. To find out more information about this research please read the article on How to Easily Conduct Keyword Research Blog.
Step Three, Prepare Content. Collect the content of articles, pictures or video-related or in accordance with the theme of business that you built. You can create articles yourself or take the articles provided by the other web. Read How to Easily Create and Search for Content Weblog.
Fourth Step, Buy Domain Name. Actually, this domain name we can get for free on some domain providers, but it would be nice if we have your own domain name in accordance with business targets that we aim at and of course to be easy to remember. Please read the article about the Domain Name Selection Strategy to better find out.
Step Five, Rent Hosting. There are many hosting providers in Indonesia, the price was relatively cheap. Only with rental costs around Rp. 100 thousand per year you are able to onlinekan your site.
Sixth Step, Create Web or Blog. There are many ways to make their own website or blog. You do not necessarily have to master the language of the web program to create a blog. Please read the article about How to Make a WordPress Blog or How to Easily Create a free blog.
Step Seven, Search Affiliate Program Compatible with Your Business. After your blog so, do not forget to look for affiliate programs, because this is one source of income that I recommend. Can be a form of tanyang Pay Per Click ads on your blog that will pay you when the ad is clicked by visitors, or Pay Per Buy form of direct sales.
Step eight, Promote your Blog. The work of this one was a bit tricky. Hope we make the Web Blog of course for many visitors who come to our site. Promotions Blog here could be search engine optimization or promotional site-famous sites. Please read about SEO.
Ninth Step, Enjoy a result. Well … it is a beautiful .. how not if we build a web blog that has produced, then you already have a side business that provides passive income. My teacher Anne Ahira’ve got milayaran rupiah from Business Online that he woke up. Please see Profile Ahira
Step Ten, Do Evaluation. If the business you wake up not making money or not produce the maximum, do not be discouraged you’ll want to do the evaluation so that it can be seen where the deficiency.
Dear friends, The steps above are the way online businesses are still fundamental, but this is the outline. I advise you to Learning Online Business From Zero phase out in detail to advanced, click on Business Learning to follow the challenge of producing $ 100 per day. Best wishes.
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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Reasons Why Online Business Increasing

Reasons Why Online Business Increasing

Reasons Why Online Business Increasing - In this globalization era, you will deal with how the competition is so tight business traffic. In particular online business, which currently continues to rise sharply. Therefore, who is responsive or agile then he will quickly achieve success.
Now the Internet has become the perfect place to do business. Type any business can be run via the Internet. Even you do not have to worry anymore in the face of economic turmoil that might be faltering over yourself.
In online business you can conduct communications and transactions within an infinite global alias. This is the underlying by the name “Internet” in which the Internet was designed in the form of networks, reliability in seeking and providing information.
If you still do not have the opportunity to enter the world of online business, then it’s time you took action. Why do business online? Because this business will continue to grow in coming years.
Here are the reasons why an online business will continue to increase:
* There are still many opportunities available
This is where your opportunity to develop an online business, where there is still wide open. And I think this is not hard to do, provided there is a will and direct practice.
Maybe you want to immediately know about what the benefits of online business, or any online business excellence, you can read my previous article Internet. Okay .., Jump to the following reasons.
* Online business easier to run

Why do I say online business is easy? Yes .., because in the run did not have the expertise needed is full, you can learn little by little, do not need to have a higher education, maybe you can start from the ability, knowledge or your experience.
* Internet technology are constantly updated and developed
To help the process of online businesses for more effective and efficient, then various kinds of Internet connections have been developed, and certainly, means high-speed connections, many people prefer.
You can use or take advantage of this Internet connection tool for running an online business from home, and even anywhere you like. Well …, with internet technology that continues to grow then this is the reason why online business increase.
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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Motivation Online Business

Online business motivation

What about motivation for your online business?
Nowadays lots of people who work as housewives do business online.
Although they did not leave the house and went to the office, but housewives could contribute in the family economy through his online business activities.
Some housewives that benefit the abundance of its online business activities and can not be denied that many people who have achieved success in business that runs just in front of this computer.
Online business motivation for housewives or the things that underlie them to contribute to take part in online business activities, among which are:
1. Adding income
Housewives who do business online is to supplement their income. Can not be denied that the online businesses generate profits galore, even larger than the non-online business.
2. Developing potential
There are some housewives who have the latent potential of developing an online business. Some housewives may have good marketing knowledge and it can be channeled through the business activities online.
3. Add link
The motivation to add a link or network is also one motivation online business. By doing business online, indirectly we add a link or a friend. It was certainly very profitable us.
4. Filling leisure activities
Online business motivation for housewives is to fill leisure time with activities that are beneficial and profitable. Most housewife uses her spare time for activities that are not useful, such as gossiping or social gathering. Instead of doing all the things that are not useful, it is better housewife doing useful activities like doing business online.
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Differences Business Affiliate (Reseller) with Multi Level Marketing

Differences Business Affiliate (Reseller) with Multi Level Marketing

To the loyal readers online business blog, this time I just want a little stretch the meaning of the term affiliate or reseller is often called the MLM (Multi Level Marketing). Inspiration from writing articles online businesses is because many businesses, especially novice online businessmen like me who frequently download misunderstood or been misunderstood and thought the same of the meaning of affiliate / reseller with MLM. but from the words alone is different, not correct?

In my previous article online business has never explains what affiliate marketing and also Multi-level marketing. Affiliate marketing is the kind of business that when a person / member (affiliate marketers) sell goods / services from the merchant (owner of the product / service), then the member will be paid and earn a commission, while the MLM or tiered marketing (nested) is a system of direct sales (direct selling), usually companies take advantage of consumers / members to distribute their products and consumers are getting a bonus.
Then what distinguishes?
The following Business Differences affiliate (reseller) with MLM (Multi Level Marketing):

1. Business Affilite (Reseller)
Usually, this business is lost, there is no system of foot / high rise, so those who sell products or services, then he’s just enjoying himself while the people who previously did not get a commission to recruit so that only the owner of the same product and the seller had.
Example: Suppose the (A) sold to (B) and then sells to (C) then the (A) can not be anything.

2. Multi Level Marketing (MLM)
If this business is the opposite of the affiliate, the MLM is usually sold through a network either directly or not *, so if a member sells goods / services to other customers, the member who previously recruited him or above on a single network member will get paid their bonuses.
Example: Suppose the (A) sold to (B) and then sell again to the (C) then the (A) get a commission.

Hopefully the brief article above can add to and refine our thinking and could distinguish the two types of business and does not happen again misconceptions about online business affiliate (reseller) with Multi Level Marketing (MLM) for the future.

if there are errors of the above articles please kindly blogger friend online business blog to add and provide corrections ..!
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Monday, March 4, 2019

Understanding Regarding the Multi Level Marketing

Understanding Regarding the Multi Level Marketing

Understanding Regarding the Multi Level Marketing - Proverb says, Do not Know And No Sadly. That’s what might be appropriate to explain why people looked at each other about business tilt Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Therefore, once offered this business opportunity, people will stay away and run a thousand steps to not see the opportunities offered.

In fact, if we know about the system, we will see that there is nothing to fear.
Multi-Level Marketing, or which often referred to as MLM, is one way of marketing to sell goods directly (direct selling). Direct selling / direct sales itself, its understanding is the sale of goods and / or services to consumers by way of face to face outside the fixed retail location by marketing network developed by Business Partners and working on commission sales, sales bonuses and reasonable membership fees. In performing the Direct Selling, usually a company using a 2 (two) ways, namely:

1. Single Level Marketing (Marketing One Level), which means:
The method of marketing goods and / or services from Direct Sales system through the form of one-level marketing program, where Business Partners receive sales commissions and sales bonuses from the sale of goods and / or services of his own.

2. Multi Level Marketing (Multi Level Marketing), which means:
The method of marketing goods and / or services from Direct Sales system through marketing programs in the form of more than one level, where business partners receive sales commissions and sales bonuses from the sale of goods and / or services that are done by themselves and members of the network in the group.
Judging from his understanding, there is nothing to fear from multi-level marketing system. But still we must be careful in choosing a direct sales company. Some of the things below should be considered when we choose a direct sales company:

1. Business partners can only buy membership of a company only once.
2. The company may not provide benefits to Business Partners only upon the results of recruiting new members.

3. In companies, there should be a good or service traded and used by consumers.

4. Goods not used merely as a cover, which will be visible when the goods sold at a price that is not fair.

5. Gains or profits derived member is mainly based on the sale of goods or services to consumers, instead of recruiting new members.

6. There is training on product knowledge and how to sell to business partners.

7. There is a buy back guarantee (guaranteed buy back after deducting all associated costs) of any of the products or companies that are still worth selling inventory owned by members when a member resigned from the company.

So do not be afraid if you are offered direct selling business. With direct selling business, which issued capital will not have a store of his own, because normally we would not be asked to become a hoarding of goods, but sell through catalogs, we can take it anywhere.
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Tips MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Online Before Joining

Tips MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Online Before Joining

Tips MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Online Before Joining - If you are interested in entrepreneurship in the business zone, following me explain a little knowledge to know before deciding sy a choice, before yourself you will be docked later.

1.Track Record Companies
Record check your MLM companies will follow, if the foreign company to check the existence of clear, achievement, growth of their business and public comment / people about the company. MLM companies out there who go to Indonesia because the country has not sold anymore.

If MLM companies locally, check also the company founded, by whom, founder of business records, address clearly. Unfortunately not .. if your time and energy is wasted if the wrong choice.
Should I recommend selecting a large company, which the company is not only thinking of profit only, but also their progress in research and product innovation.

2.Produk which Marketed
Talk business, talk too products. Is the product being marketed is useful for many people, affordable price and quality of product quality has been tested? how many who already proved his usefulness?

3.Marketing Plan
Marketing Plan thoroughly well supplied. What is the percentage share of profit to the company to its members? It’s really important, because these long-term prospects for our future. If MLM companies can share the profit share, it is probably able to survive with that company ‘long-term and long

4. Market
By understanding marketing plans and products above, you can imagine how big that market  can be absorbed by these MLM companies. Thorough also competitors / other MLM companies that market the product / marketing plan which is almost the same, immediately take the conclusion. Is there a company before entering Indonesia with the same format? if any, means they will MLM company is the new MLM company Follower Inc. here. if a follower, make sure they bring new things that are not owned by the company that first signed Mlm.

Actually this is only a few that I know, but if there is knowledge or a more complete reference on this subject. We are sharing ..???
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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Understanding Business

Understanding Business

Understanding Business - In economics, business is an organization that sells goods or services to consumers or other businesses, to make a profit. Historically the business of the English word business, from basic word busy, which means “busy” in the context of individual, community, or society. In a sense, been busy doing activities and jobs that bring in profits.
In a capitalist economy, where most businesses are owned by private parties, business formed to make a profit and increase the prosperity of their owners. Owner and operator of a business get rewarded in accordance with the time, effort, or the capital they provide. But not all businesses pursuing this advantage, such as business co-operative that aims to improve the welfare of all members or a government institution that aims to improve people’s welfare. This business model contrasts with the socialistic system, where big business is owned mostly by the government, the public, or trade unions.
Etymologically, a business means the circumstances in which a person or group of people busy doing jobs that generate profits. The word “business” itself has three uses. use of the singular word to refer to business entities, namely the unity of the juridical (legal), technical, economical and aiming for profit or gain. Wider use to refer to a particular market sector, such as “the business of television.” The use of the most widely refers to all activities undertaken by community providers of goods and services. However, the definition of “business” the right is still a matter of debate until now.
The basic form of business ownership
Although forms of business ownership vary in each country, there are several forms that are considered common:
* Company Individual: Individual Company is a business whose ownership is held by one person. Individual owners have unlimited liability to the assets of the company. That is, if the business incurs a loss, the owner will have to bear all the losses.
* Fellowship: Fellowship is a form of business where two or more people working together to operate the company for a profit. Just as an individual company, each partner (a member of a partnership) have unlimited liability to the assets of the company. Fellowship can be grouped into partnership alliances and partnerships.
* Company: The Company is a business whose ownership is held by some people and supervised by a board of directors. Each owner has a responsibility limited to the assets of the company.
* Cooperative: is a business which consists of persons or legal entities with the bases cooperative activities based on the principle of cooperative economics as well as people’s movement based on the principle of kinship. Cooperative aims to provide welfare for its members. The main characteristic that distinguishes cooperative with other business entities are members of the cooperative has a dual identity. Double-meaning members of the cooperative identity is the owner and user of cooperative services.
Business consists of various types, and, as a result, businesses can be grouped in different ways. One of the many ways that you can use is to classify businesses according to the activities done in generating profits.
* Manufacturing is a business that manufactures products from raw materials or components, then sold for profit. Examples are manufacturing companies that produce physical goods such as cars or pipes.
* Business Services is a business that produces intangible goods, and earn profits by charging for services they provided. Examples of service businesses is a consultant and psychologist.
* Retailers and distributors are those who act as intermediaries between producers and consumer goods. Most shops and consumer-oriented companies are distributors or retailers. See also: Franchising
* Business agriculture and mining is a business that produces or looking for raw goods, such as rice, soybeans and other crops or mineral mining
* Trade Financial is a business benefit from investment and capital management.
* Business information is a business making a profit mainly from turnover-back intellectual property.
* Utilities are businesses that operate services to the public, such as electricity and water, and are usually funded by government.
* Business real estate is a business that generates profits by selling, renting, and develop property, houses and buildings.
* Transportation Business is business benefit by way of delivering goods or individual from a location to another.
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Business Planning Online For Beginners

Business Planning Online For Beginners

Business planning is an important factor when you start your small business or online business, and you should make sure you have set your ideas thoroughly and objectively for each business. From an effective business plan will help you and your potential investors in their business.

Most people make the mistake of thinking they do not require a business plan for an online business, they think they can start first, and then set themselves up as part of the business. However, this can be a costly strategy and puts you at greater risk for some errors. Business planning will help you organize your goals and stay on the path to success. Here are some basic ways for business planning:

Write or design a business plan before doing business. this way can be used as basic guidelines in doing business and can be changed if necessary.

Do not analyze the ideas too early. Although a good idea is to conduct market research and learn about the purchasing power of consumers, determine the potential market was too early can lead to bad decisions and outcomes.

Your marketing plan does not have to be complex to be effective and there are many ways for you to work to improve and grow your business by having a strong relationship with your business. Make a list of at least 5-8 marketing objectives and strategies so that you can do business in accordance with the initial plan of your business.

Do not share the planning of business strategy or ideas with too many people. You want to make sure that the plans and information remain confidential until you are ready to start an online business. Share your ideas with too many people can easily make you lose in a big business opportunity.

Business planning takes time, patience, skill and research. With little previous explanation is the basics of business planning that you need to start a business online, and you can work according to plan you plan and grow a successful business for you.
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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Return On Investment Banking

Return On Investment Banking

Return On Investment Banking | Unlike the banking products that will record all public funds in financial accounting, investment funds in mutual funds accounted for separately from the accounting firm of investment managers and custodian banks. Why is that?

Return On Investment Banking | This happens because the mutual fund is a separate legal forms. The establishment conducted by investment managers and custodian banks based on notarial deed and shall have compulsory basic bookkeeping and tax number (TIN).

Return On Investment Banking | In the event of bankruptcy, you will receive back the funds held in bank of the payment by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (DIC) to a particular value or from the liquidation of assets.
Return On Investment Banking | While the mutual fund, if the investment manager or custodian bank to go bankrupt, mutual fund investors will receive back its investment funds in accordance with the net asset value (NAV) / last unit.

Return On Investment Banking | Alternatively, the management or administration of mutual funds are transferred to the investment manager or other custodian bank approved by the Capital Market Supervisory Agency and Financial Institution Supervisory Agency (Bapepam-LK).

Return On Investment Banking | Another difference, when you save in the bank, the fund will be managed by the bank for the bank to pay the promised interest rate. Management of the funds handed over to the policy of each bank.

Return On Investment Banking | When the bank suffered losses in the management of these funds, you will not come lose, and still earn interest as promised. Similarly, if banks get a big advantage, you will not earn any interest other than promised.

Return On Investment Banking | Conditions were different when you invest in mutual funds. You as the owner of the funds “can also determine” how your investment funds are managed. How, by making the choice of mutual funds in accordance with your wishes. Is it money market funds, fixed income, mix, share, or protected.

Return On Investment Banking | Each type has characteristics of mutual fund returns and risks vary. Furthermore, if investment managers are able to manage your funds properly in accordance with the investment policies contained in the prospectus and produce high yields, the overall results is yours.

However, if you find that mutual funds suffered losses, you also have to bear the risk of loss.
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