What is Marketing Mix? Definitions, Objectives, and Concepts

What is Marketing Mix? Definitions, Objectives, and Concepts
What is Marketing Mix? Definitions, Objectives, and Concepts

What is a marketing mix? Definition of marketing Mix is a marketing strategy that combines several elements in the marketing mix itself that is done in an integrated way.

To achieve business success requires complex proficiency in the business management process. Not only has quality products, many other factors also need to be considered. One of them is the marketing line.

With the application of a mature marketing strategy, will certainly affect the outcome of the success of a business. Simply put, as good as any product or service we offer if we don't know or fail to market it, it will be pointless as well.

Marketing Mix according to experts

Some experts in the field of marketing science have explained about the definition of marketing mix, including:

1. Philip Kotler and Armstrong.
According to Philip Kotler and Armstrong (1997:48), the sense of marketing mix is a tactical marketing tool that can be controlled, product, price, distribution, and promotion combined by the company to produce the desired response in Target market.

2. Buchari Alma.
According to Buchari Alma (2005:205), the sense of marketing mix is the strategy of combining marketing activities, so that the maximum combination is created so that it will appear the most satisfactory results.

3. Sumarmi and Soeprihanto.
According to Sumarmi and Soeprihanto (2010:274), the sense of marketing mix is a combination of variables or activities that are the essence of the marketing system i.e. product, price, promotion, and distribution. In other words the definition of marketing mix is a collection of variables that can be used by companies to influence consumer feedback.

4. Sofjan Assauri.
According to Sofjan Assauri (2013:12), marketing mix is a combination of variables or activities that are the essence of the marketing system, which variables can be controlled by marketing to influence the reactions of buyers or consumers.

5. Nervous Kismono.
According to Nervous Kismono (2001:308), the sense of marketing mix is a combination of variables or activities that are the essence of marketing consisting of product strategy (product), price, promotion, and place.

6. Dhaimesta and Irwan.
According to Dhaimesta and Irwan (2000:74), the sense of marketing mix is the variables used by the company as a means to fulfill or serve the needs and wishes of consumers.

Marketing MIX Activities and Objectives

What is Marketing Mix? Definitions, Objectives, and Concepts

After understanding the understanding of marketing mix, we also need to know what are the objectives of this marketing blend. Some marketing mix objectives include:

1. Advertising.
Advertising is one of the important activities in the marketing mix. The main purpose of this advertising is to provide information about the product (goods/services) to the target consumer and to increase sales.

2. Sales Promotion.
This is a collection of intensive tools designed to drive purchases of goods/services. Core activities are mostly short-term and are not carried out repeatedly.

The goal of this sales promotion is to increase sales. This activity can be done by giving discounts, procurement of contests, awarding of coupons or product samples.

3. Direct Marketing.
Direct Marketing is an interactive marketing system that uses one or more ad media to generate responses and or transactions that can be measured on a location. The purpose of direct marketing is to communicate products or services directly to consumers who are considered to be potential market targets.

Marketing MIX Concept

What is Marketing Mix? Definitions, Objectives, and Concepts

If talking about the realm of marketing, there is one common concept that every businessman must know is the concept of Marketing 4 P. What is the meaning? Marketing 4 P is a marketing concept that focuses on 4 things namely Product (product), price (prices), Place (place) and Promotion (promotion). These four things should be the main consideration in crafting how we will be marketing.

But with the development of market conditions that have been very dynamic now causes the concept of 4 P is considered to be less effective. Therefore, many observers feel the need to add another point in the concept. Until popularized the term Marketing Mix or Marketing 7 P.

Is the development of concept 4 P, Concept 7 P is arranged with additional 3 more points namely process, people and physical evidence. To learn more about all the points in the Marketing Mix concept, check out the following details review:

1. Product aspect.
What is meant by products is that we sell in business including goods or services that have the value of use and needed by consumers. The main key of a product i.e. such goods or services must be able to meet the needs or wishes of consumers.

Moreover, it also needs more value than other products to make our products more acceptable to consumers.

2. Price Facets.
Price is the money that consumers should give to get goods or services sold. Price becomes a very important aspect because generally the consumer makes the price a key consideration before buying.

Given its very flexible nature, it's a good idea to keep up with the market dynamics in order to set the price at the right level. Where the price is still acceptable to the community but also still generate profit.

3. Facet.
Place of business is the location where we will do the buying and selling process. For conventional business this aspect is indeed very important. You should pay attention to whether the location is quite strategic and easy to visit consumers.

But with the growing modern business such as online business, now the understanding of the more diverse aspects of the place with the media used.

4. Promotion aspect.
Promotion is a business activity that has a purpose so that consumers can be more familiar and interested in your business products. In this activity, you should be able to change the customer's preconception to be positive about our business.

To do so, there are many promotional techniques either manually through face to face promotion until online promotion that is now growing rapidly.

5. Process aspect.
In business, the process can be interpreted as steps between the seller and the consumer. It includes service and transaction process. Provide a satisfying service experience for consumers through various techniques to make them feel satisfied.

6. Aspects of people.
Which is included in this aspect of course not only the consumer but all the human resources involved include the worker or business team. It is very important to note considering that people of course have different tendencies in the business world.

Providing good attention to the people involved in your business, is a very good starting step.

7. Physical evidence.
Physical evidence is all that is shaped by equipment or devices that are used to support the passage of our business. Primarily for large-scale businesses, it certainly needs more and more complex equipment and their functions and usage.

Considering that all aspects of the Marketing Mix concept are related to each other, then you must run them in tandem and proportionate terms.

This is a brief explanation of the definition of marketing mix, objectives, and the concept of marketing mix in general. Hopefully this article is helpful and add to your insight. Business Marketing Management Philip Kotler

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