Quora Partner Program Pay? First Payment Through Paypal

Quora Partner Program Pay? First Payment Through Paypal
Quora Partner Program Pay? First Payment Through Paypal

Does the quora partner program pay? That was the first question that came to my mind after I received an invitation to join the quora partner program in December 2018. All these doubts were deleted, and finally the payment of the quora partner program entered my Paypal account.

As a blogger who relies on income from online activities, of course I am quite selective when deciding to join a platform that receives user payments. Only I first sought out information that is quite a lot nowadays, only with a few keywords. Why do we need to be careful and selective? Because there are so many fraudulent platforms or scams in the internet that require users to do various things, but in the end an agreement is provided.

Quora Partner Program Pay - Really Paying

Even though every day I see the amount of income from the questions I ask, I am not sure that Quora is really willing to pay me. I had time to read the answers of some Quora users who wrote that their contract with Quora was canceled unilaterally after the income they collected was large enough and they were waiting for the entry of quora payments into their Stripe or Paypal account.

Likewise with me, I remained active as usual because of my initial intention to find a quasi backlik for my blog. If Quora really pays, I will consider it as a bonus for me. All information about the quora partner program is still being sought. There are users who claim to be paid by Quora. My attitude at that time was between being sure and unsure. However, I am still actively answering and asking (asking questions) which I think is important to get answers.

That day I saw a partner asking a question, "Have you received payments from the Quora Partner program? What is the process? ", And some partners shared their experiences of getting the first payment from the partner program. They also attach proof of transfer of payments from Quora to their Paypal account, whose numbers vary from one partner to another (depending on luck and luck). Then I took the time and attached a notification of proof of payment from the quora partner program to my paypal account when answering the question.

Yeahh! The Quora Partner program has indeed proven to pay me.

Quora Partner Program Pay? First Payment Through Paypal

First Payment of the Quora Partner Program through Paypal 

Curiosity about the quora partner program satisfied me. The more so when checking my paypal account balance, and I see the first payment amount of the quora partner program like the number of numbers on my dashboard.

How long do we ask questions to receive payments from Quora? The FAQ page states that "The amount of compensation is given to questions based on the quality of the answers and the number of people interested in the questions and answers. After you ask a question, you will make money from the question for 1 year. "

So, diligently ask questions. Sometimes, the questions we submit to Quora are also asked by others, and with more people looking for answers to the questions we ask (and the better the answers to those questions), the more money we can make. Then ask, because one of your questions will continue to generate payments from the quora partner program for a year. Business Make Money

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