Managing Money Spending

Managing Money Spending
Managing Money Spending

Managing Money Spending - Friends had not at the end of the month (or even sometimes before the end of the month) was run out of money, but also do not know where his money on?
Sometimes it seemed annoying, time needed, already feeling frugal here and there, but still lacking.

Friends do not want it, already hard-hard work, the results are not clear, saving a little, personal financial management is not disciplined and no records are usually the cause.

Well if ever feel like it, maybe these things need more attention for the management of personal finances better.

* For example, the use habits of friends credit card, well it could be not good, if not accounted for (especially if bon usage is not archived, can-can forget to use the money already, and it came time to pay its own scramble for not setting aside for payment of these bills) . So should be recorded or filed only minimal expenditure receipts with credit card, so that could be matched with the bill and marked when it’s settled.

* Laziness, now almost all ATMs can be used for a variety that we have an ATM card (ATM), but do not forget, there are costs, and do not look trivial, for example, every decision of the ATMs along that we are exposed to cost alone RP 5000. If it took 4 times a month we have 20 thousand, not bad for savings or buy a magazine? Expenditure ‘unnecessary’ which sometimes seemed so trivial when accumulated can be a lot too. Though originally it could just be lazy just walked to the ATM the same with our bank account. Lazy that there are costs:)

* Habits treat a friend, it was not permissible, but do not often, adjust its own financial capacity, and what needs must treat every meet friends-treat? Friendship is not measured by the rah-rah, but more to where they need each other when we support you?

* Familiarize yourself check our grocery receipt, let’s say we go to the supermarket to buy a monthly requirement, well it never hurts when we come home we double-check what we have to spend and for what, at least for what really makes us aware that all goods are indeed we need (not purchased due to ‘hungry eyes’).

* Familiarize yourself writing a shopping list before we go shopping. This is important, because often when shopping without conscious we become ‘hungry eyes’ what more when she saw the words “cheap”, “sale”, “promotion” and so on it. As a result we will be buying things that we do not need, or bought too much beyond what we need.

* If it is so difficult to control appetite shopping, it never hurts when you shop friends bring enough cash (according to plan shopping list); if you need to leave all ATM cards and credit cards at home.
Actually, personal financial management matters more to the discipline and seriousness we practice what we have planned. At the beginning of the month we should have planned allocation of the money wisely, and do an evaluation at the end of the month.

Confidential Financial Adjusting To Achieve Your Dream, Saving money we should do at the beginning of the month, so we did ‘save’ instead save the remnants of your money at the end of the month.

Hopefully useful yes.

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