Manage your finances well as a Marketer

Manage your finances well as a Marketer
Manage your finances well as a Marketer

Marketer is a profession that produces actively or passively profit from the sales of both products and services. Products can include consumer goods, daily necessities, financial (investment), insurance, and others. Services can include consultation, referral, affiliate and others. Active advantage is not fixed benefits such as bonuses and commissions. The advantage of passive is a fixed profit earned each month (can be daily, weekly or annual) as salaries, allowances, and others.

Do you realize that you are involved with professional marketers who now is a profession that can provide a far greater income than those who worked as an employee? For example, the income of a successful marketer can often many times the income of an employee. Can 2 times, 3, 4 to 10 times the income of an employee.

However, although many marketers who earn big enough, but many of these marketers – most of them probably including you – who can not manage its finances well. The result is that income that you get absolutely no ‘feel’. Even many of those marketers who may not be longer survive as marketers because they feel that their income fluctuates and is still so unreliable. Though not really because that’s what makes his income is not painful, but because he could not manage its finances well. If you can manage your finances well, then we can be sure that you can live with a very decent as a marketer, and can last longer in your current profession.

5 Ways to Manage Financial For Marketers:
1. Target your income,
2. Beware of Cash Flows,
3. Invest More Funds for Personal Development,
4. Play Your Money,
5. Have Exit Strategy.

“Where else can you determine your own income amount if not in professional marketer? Therefore, determine how much income you’ll get from profession. If not, you’re not a marketer …. ”
Yes, the first thing you should do as a marketer is to target your income. Why?

1. Because you have ideals that should be Hunted,
2. Because you have expenses that must be paid.

Well, for a minimum revenue targets are met, then as a marketer, you should be able to meet the turnover of ‘selling’ certain. This means, you must have a Target or Target Pen-selling transactions you have to chase every month. Then, how?


Although earlier I said that as a marketer you should have a target income, but we must admit that often the targets are sometimes not always achieved. As a result, your income is not always the same.

That is why, what you should do is to caution her against the flow in and out of your money.

There are 5 things I recommend:
1. Do not go shopping in debt before you are sure that you are able to pay,
2. Do not get used to having the Cost of Living High, because it will be trouble later on if your income suddenly being dropped.
3. Do not be wasteful if you’re getting a high income,
4. Do not shop too much just because you feel that you will get a huge income this month.
5. Do any debt, as more and more debt, the greater your mortgage so that it will be very dangerous for your income fluctuates.
Remember … if the 5 things you did not run, then the result is that you may not be long survive in your profession as a marketer.

Your own vehicle?
If you have, you must have experienced a strike. Why? Because sometimes you do not ever care.

In fact, the vehicles need to be cared for in the long term he did not strike, and even trouble you. Just like your job. As a marketer, increasing your career, the more you need to treat yourself with the skills and knowledge continues to increase from  time to time.

There are 3 things you must do for self-development:
1. Attend more training and seminars,
2. Buy and learn more many books,
3. Practice, practice, practice.

If you have an income, then you should rotate your money. This is because your wealth is measured by how much your assets, not from how much your income every month. A marketer who works only spend the income spent will never be rich, although as a marketer he succeeded.

There are 3 investment that I recommend to you enter:
1. Financial Products,
2. Asset Sale,
3. The business you do not need to be involved in it.

The human body as a machine. Not forever could be used to continue working. There are times when to stop. In your case, this means that you also have to retire someday. That means you must have a retirement strategy for yourself.
So easy? Now the question we are back: is it difficult?

There are 5 things you should do:
1. Decide at what age you want to retire,
2. Determine how much income you want when they retire,
3. Have a target fund that you must have at retirement so you can pay a retirement income for yourself,
4. Pursue a target fund with a routine early on investing,
5. Perform Routine Evaluation.

1. Target your income,
2. Beware of Cash Flows,
3. Invest More Funds for Personal Development
4. Play Your Money,
5. Have Exit Strategy.

The success you achieve as a marketer is not only derived from what you do, but how do you manage your income.
So manage your income well, then your success as a marketer would be perfect …

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