Finance and Health

Finance and Health
the relationship between health and finance

The topics would be discussed on this occasion is the relationship between health and finance. Maybe you’ve heard the proverb says that ‘Health is the most precious treasure’. This proverb TRUE once. Because we can do all our daily activities, making a living and managing finances, it is because we are blessed with a healthy body.
Without health, we can not go into the office to work. When we are sick constantly, our boss will be angry, or perhaps even dismiss us from the job now. As a result we could lose our revenue sources

Costs incurred to treat illness should also not cheap. Physician costs, drug costs, especially if the disease is quite severe, so must stay to the hospital. All these costs would undermine our finances. Not a few people who become poor because of falling ill. Surely we do not want this to happen to us.

Therefore we should be grateful because we have been blessed with a healthy body. And we must keep our bodies in order to stay always healthy, because our body’s health is very important for our finances. Here are some tips to keep your body to stay healthy.

* Exercise 3 times a week.
Exercise such as walking, jogging, biking or aerobics is very good for the health of our bodies. Exercise at least three times a week, within at least 30 minutes per session. By exercising regularly, we can lose weight, increase strength, energy and vitality, and relieve the pressure we are experiencing stress.

* Take a multivitamin supplement.
For the present, the daily diet alone is not sufficient for the needs of nutrition in our body. We still need to add a multivitamin to supplement nutritional supplement and enhance our immune system. Fortunately now a multivitamin supplement is available a lot, so we can get easily in the nearest pharmacy or department store.

* Do not accumulate stress, and adequate rest
Our lives are increasingly difficult. Especially for those who live in big cities. An increasingly jammed highways, the number of jobs increased, the boss who likes to get angry, and others will add to the stress of our lives. Face it all calmly. Routinely doing relaxation or a trip to the park for a breath of fresh air. Enough rest (sleep 8 hours per day) can help restore your stamina for the next day.

* Avoid smoking.
Smoking habit is undermining our finances. Every day smokers have to spend the money to pay each bar cigarette. And with smoking, smokers have a greater risk for heart disease, cancer or respiratory problems which would require significant costs for treatment.

* Healthy food choices
Avoid junk food which is usually offered by fast food restaurants. Also avoid foods that contain too much oil, because it contains saturated fat can cause us to be fat and clog our blood vessels. Better we eat vegetables and fresh fruits.

A few tips on this occasion. Remember that the health of our bodies are our most valuable asset. By investing in the health of our bodies, we are also keeping our finances in order to stay healthy. Do not wait until the next day, immediately do the actions for health care for your body, starting from today.

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