Confidential Financial Adjusting To Achieve Your Dream

Confidential Financial Adjusting To Achieve Your Dream
Confidential Financial Adjusting To Achieve Your Dream

Confidential Financial Adjusting To Achieve Your Dream - Do you want to have a luxury car of your dreams? Or you want to vacation with family to exotic places? Or you want to invest to purchase capital goods for your Business ? It all can be done by taking into account your financial objectives.

Financial goals are divided into three types, namely short-term financial goals, medium and long. Short-term financial goals usually under 1 year duration. Medium term (3-5 years), and long-term over 5 years.

In investing, of course, also must refer to that goal. For example, it is not appropriate if you invest in land as a destination for short-term investment because land prices typically rise in the long span of time. So, once again, the choice of investment depends on your financial goals.

So what your financial goals? In general, short-term financial goals can include the availability of sufficient funds to pay for school children, adequate funds for a vacation at the end of the year, or advance funds to purchase homes, cars, etc., short-term financial goals should be achieved within 1 year , was able to enjoy the results at the end of the year.


Short-term financial goal, say to obtain sufficient funds for a vacation at the end of the year. This can be done in a very simple, namely by setting aside some revenues in a special savings for a vacation. You simply set the amount of funds you want to accomplish. Suppose Rp 12 million, then that amount diagi 12, and then each month you deposit $ 1 million.

Unfortunately, this way is not special. A better way is to make an investment term of 1 year, with estimates of certain results from your investment. Just like the example above, you intend to obtain funds USD $ 12 million at year end. If the results you expect at 10%, then at the beginning of the year you only invest Rp 11 million, so that by the end of the year you will get USD 12.1 million.

The example above is a conservative way, can be done in time deposits. If you are classified among brave enough to take risks, you can also invest in the stock market for short-term profit motive of your shares by people.

The pattern by buying and then reselling. And so on. The difference in expectation of results. If the deposit you just hope the results of 10%, with shares of course play the expected result should be higher because the risks are great. Suppose the expected results of 20% a year or 10% for 6 months, then the funds you invest in the stock enough of Rp 10 million.

The point is, simply, whatever your investment choice, is basically how to achieve financial goals that you have planned in advance, if such financial objectives to be achieved through investment, you also have set what level of results that would be obtained. This course will help you become greedy or out of control in an investment.


And what about the medium-term financial goals and long? When to be done?
Just as short-term investment goals, then the medium and long term goals should also be made and designed from the outset. For example the next 3 years you want to have a new vehicle. To make it happen you have to make financial since the current design. However, the new results obtained by the next 3 years.

The way things, you expect to advance what price vehicle you wish to have the next 3 years. If you already have a vehicle, of course, your vehicle will sell three more years to be replaced with new vehicles.
Well, you must calculate how much approximately the price of your vehicle if it sold the next three years, then you will get a price difference that you must close. The difference that is the target price. And so on for other financial goals, including long-term.

Once again, everyone should have a short-term financial goals, medium and long. Any financial goals should be achieved through appropriate investment.
So the secret is to MAKE YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS.

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